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This site is addressed to all those with an interest in social change in Kanaky New Caledonia.

It is intended for researchers as well as students, journalists, social actors and political decision-makers. By providing accessibility to a coordinated set of works in the social sciences, we hope to contribute to what is already a very broad and well-informed debate on the knowledge and the fate of this unique nation. You will find on this site, in addition to a presentation of the ongoing research of a group of researchers, their bibliographies and several of their articles. These address a variety of themes such as the history and memory of colonization, kin and gender relations, economic change and the impact of the nickel industry, contemporary environmental issues, linguistic policies and questions of identity, as well as other, equally crucial, issues (youth, citizenship, indigeneity, the legal system, elections, rural change, the development of custom, etc.). These first-hand studies reveal the processes by which the past and future of this archipelago are understood by the communities that cohabit it, often at the price of significant tensions. These anthropologists, sociologists, psychologists, linguists, historians and geographers have engaged in long-term fieldwork to describe the transformations that are evident in New Caledonia’s social, political and economic life. They are brought together for this interdisciplinary work in a Research Group called “New Caledonia – contemporary social issues” (Unit 2835 of the CNRS).


A big thanks to Jean-François Marin for the photos that he graciously sent us! Consult his photos on his site by clicking here

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